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Parent Teacher Association

All parents and carers at Our Lady's Catholic Primary School are automatically supported now that your child is part of the school. It's your association.

What is the PTA?
The Parent Teacher Association is an open community of parent volunteers working alongside the teachers, school and governors to benefit the school and ensure the best educational experience for all its pupils.

Your Committee members are:
Anna White - Chair
Jane Brown - Secretary and Treasurer
Gavin Ritchie - Member

How does the PTA benefit the school?
Parents and care givers have a big impact on how well their kids do at school. Taking an active role in your PTA is one of the ways you can make a difference and get involved:

• We raise money to fund school initiatives through charity activities and events 

• We provide a social support network for parents 

• We provide a forum for parents to have a say 

• We provide volunteers and opportunities so that parents can support their child’s learning.

Question we are often asked
"How much time do I need to commit" 

• Some of our most active mums and dads work full-time, or have other commitments 

• If your child has younger siblings, the PTA is a great way to familiarize them with their future school 

• We all have lives away from school, and it’s OK to say “no” 

• Examples of how you can commit, either at an event or behind the scenes, include:
i. sort secondhand uniform 
ii. promote easy fundraising 
iii. help with particular event   

“How can my skills be useful?” 

Although a warm welcome is great, there’s more to PTA activities than home baking and serving tea: 

• Any parent can be a member, and every parent has skills to bring, from graphic design to gardening; from events management to balancing the books. 

• Could you help? 

• What skills do you have that we may need?   

Get in touch
If you would like to know anymore information please get in touch with us.
Email - ptaourladyscatholic@gmail.com
On the Playground
The Community of Our Lady's Facebook page

We also hold informal meetings once a month - please look out for further information

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