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Mission statement


Love one another as I have loved you.

We have respect for ourselves
We have respect for each other
We have respect for other people and their beliefs.

We take responsibility for our actions and our mistakes.
We take responsibility for the environment.
We take responsibility for school property.
We take responsibility for other people, especially those who are younger than us.

We care for each other.
We care for other people, both near and far.
We take care of the environment.
We take care of school property. 

Include everyone
We don’t leave anyone out.
We include those who are different from us. 

We celebrate our own achievements and those of others.
We celebrate the Sacraments.
We celebrate our differences.

We learn throughout our lives.
We learn the best way we can.
We learn in different ways. 

Aim High
We don’t give up, even when it’s hard.
We do our best.

We believe in ourselves.
We believe in God.
We believe in Jesus’ message.

Have Fun
We have fun learning inside the classroom and outside.
We enjoy our learning.