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Mrs A Emerton

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Mrs Emerton is our Headteacher. 

Mrs P O'Hara

Mrs O'Hara is our Deputy Headteacher and Y4 teacher.

Miss A Dutton

Miss Dutton is our Reception teacher and Early Years/Foundation Stage leader. 

Mrs J McEniff

Mrs McEniff is our Y2 teacher.

Mrs J Clark

Mrs Clark is our Y6 teacher

Mr Dale

Mr Dale is our Nursery teacher.

Mrs Mullane/Mrs Gawne-Sheridan

Mrs Mullane and Mrs Gawne-Sheridan job-share in Y3.

Mrs Keevil/Mrs Cannavan

Mrs Keevil and Mrs Cannavan job-share in Y5.

Mrs Boundy/Mrs Hemmings

Mrs Boundy and Mrs Hemmings job-share in Y1.

Mrs Bold

Mrs Bold is currently on maternity leave.

Teaching Assistants and Support Staff

Mrs Lian Carr - Nursery support

Mrs Adele Cassella - Nursery support and Speech and Language support

Mrs Jan Chaderton - 1:1 support

Mrs Claire Farrington - 1:1 support

Mrs Maureen Garnett - 1:1 support

Mrs Eleanor Leah - Reception class support

Mrs Laura Maddock - 1:1 support

Mrs Anna Noga - EAL support

Mrs Jenny Pearce - Class support and office support

Mrs Carol Penketh - Class support and Pastoral support

Mrs Patricia Peters - Class support and French

Mrs Nic Smith - Class support

Mrs Sarah Spencer - Business Manager

Mrs Lesley Szczepanek - Admin officer

Miss Jennah Turner - 1:1 and Class support

Miss Jane Williams - 1:1 and Class support

Mr Derek Wrench - Maintenance Officer

Mid-day Assistants, Kitchen Staff and Cleaning Staff

Mid-day Assistants

Mrs Claire Chriscoli

Mrs Lorraine McCann

Mrs Joyce Taylor

Miss Beverley Tavlin

Ms Jane Warburton

Miss Clare Worrall

Mrs Dawn Finch

Kitchen Staff

Ms Sarah Salisbury - School Cook/Catering Supervisor

Mrs Sue Parkinson - Kitchen support

Mrs Helen Wightman - Kitchen support

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Joan Alcock

Mrs Julie McKinley