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Staff Structure 2019-2020

Mrs Emerton - Headteacher

Mrs Angela Emerton - Headteacher - 001550954361

Hello! I am Mrs Emerton and I live with my husband, my two gorgeous daughters and our adorable shih tzu, Annie. When I am not being a Headteacher, I enjoy spending time relaxing with my family and friends. We love walking, climbing and kayaking and being outdoors. I have a real interest in shopping, fashion and  travelling (I have been fortunate to have visited a variety of different countries). The favourite places I have visited are Hong Kong and New York. I have a real passion for reading and literature and I love nothing more than getting lost in a book! I enjoy going to the theatre to watch musicals and my favourites are Mary Poppins and Singing in the Rain. I strongly believe that children are entitled to an exciting curriculum and that learning should be fun and engaging for all.

Mrs Pollock - Deputy Headteacher and Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Jo Pollock - Teacher - 001515809673

Hi there, I am Mrs Pollock and I am originally from Ireland.  I live near Stockton Heath with my husband, three children and two boisterous Lhasa Apsos. I am extremely energetic and like running, the outdoors and playing Gaelic football. I am also a singer/ songwriter who plays piano and guitar. Music and creativity are an integral part of everything that I do, so as a result my classroom is always buzzing. I am very appreciative and grateful and enjoy the little things in life. I always strive to learn more, do more and be more and try to encourage everyone to do the same. 

Mr Richardson - Assistant Headteacher and Year 6 Teacher


I’m Mr Richardson and I am the Our Lady's Assitant Headteacher and Year Six teacher. I love teaching Year Six and want my children to do well and enjoy their time in my class. I live in Newton-le-Willows with my wife and my two boys, Noah and Ralphie. I like all types of sport and I'm a massive Manchester United fan as well as supporting St Helen's Rugby League. I like playing football and running and will try my hand at any sport given the chance! When I'm not in school, I like to spend time with friends and family.

Mrs Storey - Reception Teacher

Mrs Sian Storey - Teacher - 001596145411

Hi! I’m Mrs Storey and I live in in a village between Wigan and St. Helens. At home with me is Mr Storey, our son William who is 12 and our daughter Kelsey who is 7.  We also have a dog called Jake, 4 degus and 5 chickens.  We love the outdoors and spend a lot of time together as a family walking in the countryside, camping or at our allotment.  It’s a good job I like cooking so I can make lots of things with the fruit and vegetables we grow, especially jam and chutneys.  I also belong to an archery club and on Wednesdays after school I go shooting my arrows either at a local farm or in the woods where we have special targets set up for us. 

Mrs Roberts - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Amy Roberts - Teacher - 001579585224

I’m Mrs Roberts. I live at home with Mr Roberts and my wonderful cat, Rumpel.

I love watching Coronation Street and absolutely anything Disney! I enjoy going to the theatre to watch musicals (my favourites are Mary Poppins, Frozen and Hamilton), and having big BBQs with our friends in the garden. On Thursday evenings, I play the saxophone and clarinet as part of Accent Community Ensemble. I first picked up the clarinet when I was 11 and began playing the saxophone when I was 14. In school, you’ll often hear me before you can see me because I’m always singing!

Miss Maddox - Year 2 Teacher

Miss Johanna Maddox - Teacher - 001642071200

Hello, I’m Miss Maddox! I have recently just moved to St Helens after spending a lot of time moving around whilst studying, I am definitely enjoying exploring the area and finding new places to shop! When I’m not at school, I like to keep busy either playing football or exploring the outdoors. I love travelling and exploring places that I have never been before, so this means I get to try out lots of different hotels! The Lake District is one of my favourite places so whenever I can I take the time to go exploring the lakes and mountains. I am also a big fan of cooking (also eating the food!) and took part in competitions when I was younger. More recently, I have tried to encourage my mum to take up cooking but that isn’t going as well! 

Miss Rogers - Year 3 Teacher


Hi I am Miss Rogers. I live in Runcorn with my family and my Lhasa Apso dog called Ozzy. Outside of school I enjoy being active and taking part in charity fund raising events. I also love going on summer holidays and learning different languages along the way. I like going to the theatre and watching musicals with my family my favourites have been Greece, Mamma Mia and the Bodyguard. I see myself as a life long learner, which I aim encourage my pupils to also be. I am very grateful of the little things in life and aim to see the positives in every situation.

Miss Redmond- Year 5 Teacher

Miss Mairead Redmond(1)

Hello! My name is Miss Redmond. I live in Warrington but lived in the Republic of Ireland for 5 years as a child. I come from a very big family (I have 16 aunties and uncles) and we enjoy family get-togethers.
Until recently, I taught Irish Dancing and I love going to the theatre. If I were to star in a musical, I'd love to be in The Bodyguard. A few years ago, I went parasailing with my Gran!

Mrs Mullane - PPA Teacher

Mrs Jil Mullane - Teacher - 001487308843

My name is Mrs Mullane and I live near Northwich with Mr Mullane and my two gorgeous children.

I don’t have a pet at the moment as our old girl, Whinne was put to sleep in February this year. My favourite things to do when I’m not at school are spend time with family and friends, watch both my children play football with their teams and read books on my Kindle.

Mrs Gawne-Sheridan - Teacher

Mrs Helen Gawne-Sheridan - Teacher - 001440742109

My name is Mrs Gawne-Sheridan and I am the Computing Coordinator for our school.

I am a level 3 British Sign Language Signer and when I’m not too busy I like to go to Warrington BSL Signing Choir. With the choir we raise money and awareness for the Deaf community and I have also been lucky enough to sign on stage with Tony Hadley (ask your parents!), as well on the TV show ‘Songs of Praise’. The things I love the best are going for walks & playing board games with my children, reading Science Fiction books, listening to all kinds of music, singing (really badly according to my eldest), eating and most of all being with my family and friends. 

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