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Computing at Our Lady's

Exploring Technology

In Nursery the children are developing a love of investigation and exploration as they begin to familiarise themselves with a range of technology in their play based environment. 

Developing mouse control.

Expressing ideas through technology.

Learning about cause and effect. 


Year 3 are working with algorithms (a set of rules or instructions to be followed) to solve a range of logic problems.


Zarchary has been problem solving to create an efficient algorithm, which includes sequencing and repetition, that will help the parrot to achieve his goal. 

Year 5 have been programming all the keys and buttons on a piano keyboard using blocks to build their codes. During this topic the children learnt about variables and conditional statements. They were then able to use these in their coding to create a working keyboard.


Below is part of Poppy's code. She programmed the Play Button on her keyboard using the 'if' conditional statement to make a tune for each Sound Choice. 

keybpard play coding
keyboard ifelse

She also used an 'if else' conditional statement to change/reset the Sound Choice number data when the Next button is clicked.

Our Year 6 children have had a great time programming their own racing game! They worked hard to ensure that their coding was correct so that they could play the game they created. Lots of debugging took place to iron out any kinks in their programming.

As part of his programming Quinn used 'if' conditional statements increase or decrease value of the number data in variables such as Lap Count, Gem Count, Bump count and stars.

gem count

Data Handling


Year 5 and Year 6 are using spreedsheets to handle different types of data.

Billie was able to apply what she has learnt about formatting cells, forumla wizard and copy and paste to show the percentage and fractions of spelling score for the teacher.

BL spreadsheets


Year 4 have used Pic Collage to create posters to promote Fox Howl, where the children spent a night on their residential trip in March. They combined text, photographs and graphics to produce eye catching posters for their audience.  




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