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Skip2Bfit workshop

As part of our mission to get children physically active the whole school took part in a Skip2Bfit workshop. The workshop consisted of the children trying to be beat their own personal best score within a two-minute time frame. The workshop taught the children the importance of resilience and hard work. The workshop promoted friendly competitiveness to encourage the children to focus on the task whilst being physically active.


The workshop emphasised the importance of practicing skills everyday in order to see personal improvement.

The workshop taught the children that they did not have to be the best but they had to do their best.

The children also were given a box of blueberries for snack time to encourage healthy eating. We were very lucky and gifted a blueberry tree which we have planted on our school grounds which we use as a stimulus for our curriculum in science when learning about plants and healthy eating. 

Thank you to the wonderful skip to be fit team John and Jo!

Whole school Skip2Bfit challenge

After taking part in the Skip2Bfit workshop we have now introduced a whole school skipping challenge for six weeks. The children have all week to practice to improve during break and lunch times. Once a week the class teachers set aside time were a two minute timer is used and the children focus on beating their personal best skipping score. The children are fully engaged in the challenge as the focus of the challenge is to better themselves. Since the workshop we have seen an increase in the amount of children taking part in skipping during break times even the teachers are getting involved!

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