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French at Our Lady's

At Our Lady’s we teach French as our Modern Foreign Language in KS2.
It is taught in a whole-class setting, using the Primary Language Network Scheme of Work.
The lessons are designed to motivate children from the first moment and have clear, achievable objectives and incorporate creative activities for different learning styles.
Each class has weekly timetabled lessons.
French lessons provide a variety of sources to model the language, use games, stories and songs to maximise enjoyment and make as many connections to real life situations as possible.
We focus on speaking and listening in Year 3- gradually developing skills in reading and writing in order to lay the foundations for foreign language teaching in KS3.

Each year, children build on the skills that they have already learnt and develop new ones through a range of fun, exciting and engaging activities:

• learning French vocabulary
• asking and answering questions, and following instructions in French
• reinforcing memory with mime and physical actions
• playing games and learning songs
• video clips
• using bilingual dictionaries
• teaching of basic French grammar, sentence structure and spelling patterns
• learning French phonics
• researching and learning about life in France
• writing phrases and sentences
• reading bilingual stories
• creative tasks to demonstrate learning

Our Lady's Modern Foreign Languages Policy 2018

Our Lady's French Curriculum Overview

National Curriculum- Languages Programme of Study

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