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At Our Lady’s we take instances of bullying seriously and educate our children on what bullying is and what to do if they find themselves in a situation that they aren't happy with. We have open and honest discussions about what bullying is and are extremely lucky that bullying is a rarity within our school. Our children know that bullying is systematic and constant towards one particular child, whether this is through verbal, physical or social media bullying.

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Anti-Bullying Week 

Anti-Bullying Week is held every November in the UK and at Our Lady’s we always take part and promote its values and aims.


Wise Up! Award

Wise Up! is an annual awards scheme that looks to recognise and celebrate the excellent work that Warrington schools are doing to tackle the issues of bullying and hate crime. Schools are invited to apply for the award each year and have to provide evidence to show how they are combatting the issues of bullying and hate crime. Schools are able to achieve bronze, silver, gold or platinum.

At Our Lady’s we understand just how important this issue is and the importance of equality and inclusion for everyone, no matter who they are. Our Lady’s were delighted to be told that we had received SILVER for this years Wise Up! award. Tony, our local PCSO, will present the award to our School Council members during one of our Friday assemblies. Well done to everyone at Our Lady’s on achieving this important award.

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