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History and Geography in the curriculum.

The aim of History and Geography is to give the children a wider perspective on their world and to provide the beginnings of an understanding of the human situation.  Alongside important historical and geographical knowledge of people, places and events, children are encouraged to develop transferable skills they can use across the curriculum and in later life, such as asking perceptive questions, thinking critically and weighing evidence.  Also, by stimulating their interest of other times and places, children develop an awareness of themselves in relation to their community and the part they can play in it.

Throughout the year, Visitors to school or educational trips away allow the children to be immersed in the learning within a rich and effective environment.  Staff and children 'become' people from different times and places, researching costume, culture, beliefs and origins that extends their engagement beyond the classroom.

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History and Geography- latest news!

Recently the children in KS 1 and 2 learnt all about the history of Pop music from the 1950’s to the 2010’s. They learnt a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed singing and dancing the afternoon away!

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from a Roman Soldier for the day. They found out all about Roman Life and the life of a Roman Soldier. They even had a go at being Roman Soldiers themselves!


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