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Mathematics at Our Lady's

Websites to use at home

www.multiplication.com - lots of fun games to play to improve skills                               www.mathszone.co.uk - lots of games and puzzles to improve skills

www.uk.ixl.com - learn new skills                                                                             www.nrich.maths.org - puzzles and problems to improve maths skills

www.bbc.co.uk - KS1 maths puzzles and games                                                          www.bbc.co.uk - KS2 maths puzzles and games

www.topmarks.co.uk - lots of fun maths games to play                                                 Mad4maths.com - Games for KS2 and advice for parents 


Helpful videos

The videos below may help you understand how your child learns in school. These videos are from NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) which is some we use to support our teaching of mathematics and mastery in school.


Helping your child

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