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Prayer and Reflection


At Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, we are fully committed to providing opportunities for all children to know, love and serve God, in such a way that will enrich their own lives and help them to understand their Catholic faith traditions, in an ever changing world and within the multicultural society they live in.

We believe that prayer and worship is concerned with giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God.  It is our loving response, in word and action, to God’s invitation to enter into a relationship with Him, made possible through the work of Jesus Christ and the witness of the Holy Spirit.

In line with both our legal requirement and faith commitments, prayer and worship takes place daily.  It can take place in different forms; a single act of worship for all children, or separate acts of worship for individual classes or key stages.  

Throughout the year, a carefully planned child-centred programme of prayer and liturgy is celebrated, taking into account key events in the Church’s liturgical calendar such as Advent and Lenten reflections.  It also considers Feast Days, world events, the work of groups such as CAFOD, inspirational people and recognises/includes other faith traditions.  

Through our acts of Collective Worship, whether in groups, classes, whole school or parish, we aim to provide a pathway for growth – by planting the seeds- in the knowledge and love of Our Lord Jesus.

Whole School Worship

Monday 10:00am - 10:30am
Whole School Collective Worship


Wednesday 10:00am - 10:30am
Whole School Hymns/Collective Worship


Friday 10:00am - 10:30am
Whole School Celebration Assembly - Parents and friends welcome!

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