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Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School was founded by the Catholic Church to provide education for children of Catholic families. Whenever there are more applications than places available, priority will be given to Catholic children in accordance with the oversubscription criteria listed below. The school is conducted by its governing body as part of the Catholic Church in accordance with its trust deed and instrument of government, and seeks at all times to be a witness to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a Catholic school, we aim to provide a Catholic education for all our pupils. At a Catholic school, Catholic doctrine and practice permeate every aspect of the school’s activity. It is essential that the Catholic character of the school’s education be fully supported by all families in the school. We therefore hope that all parents will give their full, unreserved and positive support for the aims and ethos of the school. This does not affect the right of an applicant who is not Catholic to apply for and be admitted to a place at the school in accordance with the admission arrangements.

The governing body is the admissions authority and has responsibility for admissions to this school. The local authority undertakes the co-ordination of admission arrangements during the normal admission round (this is for admission to the school at the start of the school year in September and not for applications made in- year). The governing body has set its admission number at 30 pupils to be admitted to the reception year in the school year which begins on 1st September 2020.

The governing body will, where logistically possible, admit twins and all siblings from multiple births where one of the children is the last child ranked within the school’s Published Admissions Number (“PAN”).

Pupils with an Education, Health and Care Plan or a Statement of Special Educational Needs (See note 1)

The admission of pupils with a Statement of Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan is dealt with by a completely separate procedure. Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan that names the school must be admitted. Where this takes place before the allocation of places under these arrangements this will reduce the number of places available to other children.

Oversubscription Criteria

Where there are more applications for places than the number of places available, places will be offered according to the following order of priority.

1.            Catholic Looked After and previously Looked After Children (see note 2)

2.            Catholic children from the parish of Blessed John Henry Newman in the catchment area of the school (a map showing the catchment area of Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School is available in school for parents to make reference to). (see note 3 & 7)

3.            Other Catholic children. (see note 3)

4.            Other Looked After and previously Looked After children (see note 2)

5.            Children of other Christian denominations whose membership is evidenced by a minister of religion. (see note 4)

6.            Any other children.

Within each of the categories listed above, the following provisions will be applied in the following order.

(i)         The attendance of a brother or sister at the school at the time of enrolment will increase the priority of an application within each category so that the application will be placed at the top of the category in which the application is made after children in (1) above (see note 5).

Tie Break

Priority will be given to children living nearest to the school measured as a direct distance from the child’s permanent place of residence to the school measured using a Geographical Information Address Point System based on the Local Land and Property Gazetteer. This measures straight line (direct) distances from the address point of the permanent place of residence to the address point of the school. In the event of the distances (in miles) being the same for two or more applicants and the last place to be allocated would be to one of these applicants, the measurements would be taken again in kilometres and the place will be offered to the applicant living nearest to the school in kilometres. In the event of distances being the same for two or more children where this would determine the last place to be allocated, random allocation will be carried out and supervised by a person independent of the school. All the names will be entered into a hat and the required number of names will be drawn out.

Admissions Full Policy 2020-21

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