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Wednesday 1st April

Howdy kids! I really look forward to receiving your videos/pictures and messages on seesaw. When it pops up to say I have a notification I get so excited, so please keep them coming! I especially enjoy seeing videos of your cheeky challenges so don’t forget about them. cheeky

Today’s activities:

  • Maths – You will see I have set a lot of 2dos. You do not need to complete them all today. They are for the rest of the week. If you need more I can set more for you.
  • English - See worksheet here. I will also post a copy on seesaw. Read the passage of writing and then answer the questions. Then write your own. If you want to, send me some questions and I will post my answers back to you!
  • History – Choose a significant person from this list. Carry out research on this person and tell me what you have learnt; try to focus on who they are, when they lived (or how old they are now), where they are from and what they have done. You can show me your research in any way you wish, this could be: notes, poster, video, pictures.
  • Non screen activity – Choose an activity from the list here.

Cheeky Challenge

Can you find objects in the house that begin with every letter of the alphabet? However, they must all fit on a dinner plate. Good luck, I'm certainly going to be trying this too! 

Have a lovely day!

Miss Maddox heart


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning year 2, I hope you are all happy and keeping safe! I made some cakes at the weekend and some of the teachers had one in school yesterday. They went down very well so I was quite happy with myself yes Have you been getting up to anything fun whilst we are stuck indoors? Don’t forget to send me videos/pictures on seesaw; your faces are the only friendly faces I see! So you guys keep me smiling laugh.

Here are today’s activities, complete in any order:

  • Maths – 2dos on purplemash. Then using the username and password I have sent you log into https://play.prodigygame.com/ and design your wizard. This is an activity that once logged in, it should be completed independently. So an adult can help you log in but you must answer the questions yourself. Prodigy will assess your level and set your tasks accordingly. I will also be sent a copy of your answers.
  • English – Read Monster Surprise and complete reading comprehension. It is differentiated; children need to choose their own level. Try to impress me and do the one with 3 stars.
  • Art – Choose an activity from the grid to complete. Show me on seesaw!
  • PSHE/History – Before school closed we spent time in history looking at disabilities. Have a chat with your family about what we learnt. Then using this picture learn how to spell your name in sign language. You could even challenge yourself to spell out other words and I could guess them.

Don’t forget there are lots of extra activities you can do – Click here to see list of additional activities.

Cheeky Challenge

Make a video of yourself describing a film/tv programme you have watched and I will try to guess what it is!


Thank you for continuing to work so hard and making me a very proud teacher!

Love to you all,  

Miss Maddox heart


Monday 30th March

Hello lovelies! Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend and you are looking forward to another week of learning from home smiley I’ve missed seeing all your smiley faces over the weekend, I hope you liked our teach toilet roll challenge! Just a quick note that the activities I set you on here are there for guidance, to try and make your home learning experience easier! So if you can’t manage it all or you want to do extra or something different that is fine. The main priority is to keep your brains ticking! Try to do some reading each day and make sure you don’t forget how to hold a pencil so a little bit of writing or practise handwriting for the y2 common exception words (list here). But I’m here every day to help you through this weird time, just send me a message.heart

Complete in any order:

  • Maths – 2dos on purple mash.
  • Science – 2dos on purple mash.
  • RE – Read the powerpoint and record what you’ve learnt to show me on seesaw. (Video/Picture/Writing)
  • PE – Make up your own game and write a set of instructions on how to play it. Why don’t you ask an adult to video you playing it so I can see it in action?
  • Music/English – Listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tChuU2owaOI and sing along, you could even make up a dance! Show me on seesaw laugh

Funny Fact

A crocodile can’t poke its tongue out.



I look forward to hearing from you all!

Miss Maddox heart





Welcome to Year 2!

Our teacher is Miss Maddox.

Key Information

  • Reading is a vital for progression in year 2. It is really important that your child reads regularly - try to read with your child every day. Discussing the book with your child will develop reading comprehension skills too.
  • Homework will be given out every Friday and will be due in on WednesdayThis will also include weekly spellings. 
  • PE will take place on a Monday and a Thursday. Please ensure full PE kit is stays in school. (It will be sent home each half term for washing)



Helping your child at home

Click the useful links below to help your child read and spell all the common exception words form year 1 and year 2.

Y1 Common Exception Words

Y2 Common Exception Words




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