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Children's OnlinSafety Zone

Online Safety Team Podcasts

Listen to our podcast to find out more about how to keep safe online.

Christmas 2018 Podcast


Interland - Be Internet Legends! Play this adventure-packed online game that makes learning about internet safety interactive and fun - just like the internet!

Internet Safety Quiz - Are you SMART online?

Think U Know for ages 5-7 - Learn about online safety with Lee and Kim's Adventures or by watching Hector and his friends

Think U Know for ages 8 -10 - This area has been created by Think U Know to show you what they think is good, look at what’s not and show you ways you can get yourself out of bad situations.

The SMART Crew - Join Captain Kara on her adventures as she travels the online world.

Safe Search - This is a useful, safe search engine for children to use for research-based homework.

Childline - If you need information, advice or support for any worries, including cyberbullying, you can visit the Childline website or ring 0800 1111

Pause and Think Online

Edward would like to share this lovely video with you which demonstrates how to be safe, responsible and respectful offline and online. 


I like it! 

Himasha would like to share this great rap video to help remind you how to deal with cyberbullying when you are online.

I like it - Safer Internet Day 2015 (1).mp4

'Who do you share your details with?'

This One Direction parody song was shared during assembly by our E-safety Team to help everyone to understand what personal information is and why we shouldn't share it with people we only know online.

One Direction Parody Song - 'Who do you share your details with' (1).mp4

CEOP KS1 E-safety Film

Our E-safety Team shared this video to help explain the importance of not sharing personal information with people you have never met, be nice to people on the computer just like you would face to face, that not everyone online are who they say they are and to tell a trusted adult if you get that 'uh oh' feeling about things that happen online.

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